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Breastfeeding and Smoking

Breastfeeding and smoking is an issue a lot of people ask me about. I’m assuming you know you should not smoke while you’re pregnant! The nicotine you ingest smoking will go through your body and into your baby’s body, addicting it just as surely as you’re addicted. Not only might your child suffer from the harmful effects of all of those chemicals you’re passing on, but when it’s born, it will go through withdrawal symptoms.

So, if you’re pregnant, you need to quit!

Now, what if you just had your child and you can’t (or won’t) quit?

There’s been a big push in the last ten or so years to get mothers in the United States and elsewhere to breastfeed. Breastfeeding offers your child a ton of benefits, including greater immunity to diseases. It might even help protect him from cancer down the line.

But if you’re breastfeeding and smoking, I’m sure you’ve wondered if the harmful chemicals you’re getting through smoking are being passed through your milk to your child.

The answer is, yes they are. For the most part, whatever you ingest into your body can be passed along to your baby through breastfeeding.

So, what are you to do?

Well, the obvious answer is you need to quit smoking! However, that’s much easier said than done. What if you can’t quit-at least for now.

What I don’t want to do is to ever give you an out when it comes to smoking. Let me make myself completely clear: You must quit! And you must quit now!

We do, however, live in a real world, and I know that not every new mother who is breastfeeding and smoking is going to quit just because I said so. So, let’s discuss what you should do about your breast milk! In other words, should you give up nursing, if you can’t quit smoking?

Before I did some research on this topic, I would have thought that, yes…you should give up nursing if you smoke. After all your baby is getting all of that harmful stuff through you. The CDC, however, thinks otherwise.

The CDC actually recommends that you should breastfeed, even if you smoke. Turns out, breastfeeding is so incredibly good for your child that the benefits outweigh the potential harm.

You still need to quit, though. For more information on how to quit, see my website.
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WAHM and Coupons

Today there are more and more work at home moms (WAHM) out there! A person that has their own home based business whether its internet related, or not. WAHMS have learned a lot about being cost effective, and if they were in the corporate world, they would probably be the expert consultant on cutting costs. One of the best ways they have found to save money, besides that of staying home to work is through online coupons. Wahm and coupons go hand in hand and women, who have learned how to use them, know how to work wonders.

After all everyone loves to save money and everyone loves free stuff, but WAHM’s love it even more than other people. In fact many work at home moms have become experts in online coupons and discount codes.

Companies Offer Free Products and Deep Discounts

Many companies offer free things or great discounts online. All you need to do is visit or search for coupons on Google and you will find many different options for many different stores. Why do companies make such great discounts, and give products away? The answer is simple really. It is a promotional marketing program. Giving away products is a great way to get WAHMS to spread the word of mouth about great products.

The idea is to give one away, so that you will buy another, and have all your friends and acquaintances buy the product too. Other companies give free products away or give deep discounts to research their market. Sometimes in order to receive the product, the person is required to leave his email address, or personal information or give an opinion about a certain product.

When companies offer free products, samples and coupons they are helping middle class people buy or try a new product without it costing them too much.

There are all kinds of products available. You can get free makeup, a free bottle of Clorox bleach, $500 in sears gift certificates, etc. They are real promotions and they are great promotions, but many come with certain restrictions and those must be met in order to redeem the offer.

Discount Coupon Codes

Another great way moms can save money is through discount coupon codes. When you know you are going to buy something specific from a certain store, then you also know that a discount for that product would be great. So, if for instance you were going to buy a stereo from Best Buy, you would look for a discount coupon code online. Just search Best Buy coupons and you will get all kinds of options.

Then go to the online store and when checking out use the coupon code you just went searching for. As a stay at home mom you can save hundreds of dollars this way.

The WAHM and coupon codes and promotions go hand in hand. Moms have been known to save hundreds and even thousands of dollars on all the products they buy for their families.
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What do i do about this guy i really like but i have a boyfriend, so what am i supposed to do?

Okay. I have a friend that i just met at the beginning of the school year(i’m 15 btw) and we started out being just friends. I did a bit of flirting with him and all. Then I got a boyfriend and we’ve been together for 3 months now. My boyfriend says he’s in love with me and i think i’m in love with him too. Though lately he hasn’t been around much cuz he’s a grade level above me and i have no classes with him and we never really see each other outside of school. Plus he’s really busy most of the time with sports and family stuff(his mom’s one of those PTA type moms). Lately i’ve just been hanging out with my friend(the guy i mentioned at the beginning) and i think i really like him, though i’m not sure what to do. I love my boyfriend and i’m afraid of losing him but i really like my friend. He’s been there for me more than my boyfriend. He’s also a good friend of my boyfriend and they’ve known each other for a while. They’ve known each other longer than they’ve known me. Today I asked my friend that if he could, would he ever go out with me and he said that if i wasn’t going out with his friend, he would. Though now it’s really hard. I really like him but i don’t wanna break up with my boyfriend and i’m afraid of breaking my boyfriend’s heart. They both know that I like the both of them. Now I have to make a choice. My boyfriend and i are so close and we tell each other everything. Though there’s some stuff i just can’t tell him so I tell my friend. I love my boyfriend and apparently he says he wants to marry me and he plans to but i don’t wanna hurt him or anything. and if i have to, how do i get over my friend??? I like him so much but i don’t know what to do. Someone please help!!!
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Do women really have a choice between being a sahm or having a career?

Having a career is automatically associated with “having it all”. A woman with a career isnt just seen as a woman with career, but someone who is expected to have it all. A man with a career is a man with a career who “is putting family first”.

If thats the case, what has feminism done, really? Women still have no choice. Because if they choose to work, they are automatically into the circle of having it all. Why didnt feminism try to end stereotypes instead of telling women they should be working? Is this where they went wrong?
Do u think
Having it all = being SAHD as well as working dad?
No, right? Not many people think so. This is always associated with women.
Voice of reality
I have seen the exact same answer in many questions where having it all is concerned. However, my question wasnt whether its good to have it all.
By the way, your answer is basically pointing in the direction that women should be home while the man works to create a proper balance in the family. In other words : you are stereotypng men n women’s roles. WHere is the choice of the woman or man to refuse stereotypes here?
I kind of agree with u. Kind of.
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Why am I so naive? Who else would have messed up by ordering “KINKY, the Clown” for a six years old party?

You know, I have been very busy lately. I have been looking into litigation with Red Lobster (shrimp burn), Wal-mart ( papercut from Stayfree box), the Catholic Church (Bingo incident) and now the PTA.(Hooters). I didnt have time to check references. I found Kinky in the standard yellow pages. Said she did balloon tricks and magic. (Sword swallowing or something like that)… I knew something was wrong when she showed up wearing tight black spandex and spiked heels. Well, the B-day party was in full swing, and I did promise the kids a clown. long story short, now all the neighborhood kids are scared of clowns, their moms all flip me off, and their dads keep asking me when my next party is going to be. I have a 9 year old too , would Kinky be more appropriate for his party?
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What Foods Should I Avoid While Breastfeeding?

Women in our culture are sometimes advised to avoid spicy or “gassy” foods when nursing. Or they are told that chocolate, citrus, carbonated beverages or dairy causes problems in all nursing babies.

As a breastfeeding educator, I often see women warning other Moms that they need
to avoid certain foods while breastfeeding. There are also websites that give
unproven breastfeeding advice that claim that women must eat a certain kind of
diet in order to make quality milk for her baby. So what is the truth?

Does a nursing Mom need to restrict her diet?
Are there foods that a Mom should avoid while breastfeeding?

Generally speaking, a nursing Mom does NOT need to restrict her diet.

Obviously, drinking heavily or excessive caffeine consumption (meaning several cups
of coffee a day) is a no-no, but other than that, there is no reason for a
breastfeeding Mother to assume that she needs to avoid any foods.

So called “gassy” foods do not affect the nursing infant because the undigested
carbs that cause gas in Mom do not pass into breastmilk. It is literally impossible
for “gassy” foods to cause gas in babies except in the rare case of an infant being
allergic to one of these foods.

Interestingly, according to the La Leche League (considered the world’s foremost
authority on breastfeeding) website, “In Italy, mothers are often told not to eat garlic,
cauliflower, lentils, and red peppers. In India most mothers eat all these things and
breastfeed very happily. Actually, in parts of India they believe that garlic helps a
mother to breastfeed successfully!”

There are even a couple of studies that showed that babies nursed longer and with
more vigor when their Moms ate garlic.

The advice given to a nursing Mom varies according to local culture and the popular
“old wive’s tales”. Women all over the world eating a wide variety of foods produce
good quality milk and have thriving babies. There is not a shred of evidence that
supports the idea that eating a special diet helps make breastmilk “richer”.

Consequently, there is no one food that all breastfeeding Moms should avoid.
Breastfeeding women should eat a variety of healthy foods, just as they did
while they were pregnant.

The only exception would be if your baby has food allergies/sensitivies, which is
rare but not unheard of. If your family has a strong history of allergy to a
specific food (such as peanuts), you might consider avoiding that food while nursing
and during pregnancy.

Enjoy nursing your baby!

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Top 10 Reasons Not to Kill Your Husband

Sometimes, your spouse can drive you up the wall. In fact, if your husband is like mine, you’re parked up by the molding at least twice a day. In brutal moments of pscyhotic insanity, you might even try to find ways to convince him to tie blocks to his feet and jump in the river. DON’T DO IT! No matter how good an idea it might seem when you are collapsing in hysterical, stressed out fits, murdering your husband is never a good idea. In fact, here are ten reasons it is such a rotten plan.

10. The insurance company won’t pay up if you kill him, so you’ll wind up having to work two jobs to pay the rent.

9. If you think he never helps with the housework now, wait until he’s buried. The odds are good he’ll never fold laundry at that point.

8. The kids may drive you bonkers now, but imagine how much crazier you will go without their dad to wind them up – allegedly burning all energy – right before bedtime.

7. Orange neon jumpsuits make your complexion look nasty. There’s no way around that.

6. And if you think your husband hogs the hot water now, wait until you have to shower with ten or fifteen other prisoners at the same time.

5. Lawyer fees are even more expensive than golf and boating charges. That’s why the lawyers like to play golf and go boating.

4. If you try and fail and manage to reconcile, and then a one-armed man comes after your husband, the cops will most likely blame you, leaving you to scream, “It was not me! It was the one-armed man!” They’ll think you’ve just watched too many movies and ignore your alibi.

3. Not to mention the fact that generally, murder attempts make it less likely for you to reconcile your differences. Counseling is probably less hassle.

2. Then there is all that stress about coming up with an alibi. Although as a wife, you feel like you are always doing two – or ten – things at once, odds are good that you can’t really commit murder AND get your hair done at the same time.


1. C’mon, you know you love him. Sure, he can be an annoying pest at times, but you married him for a reason. You probably get under his skin just as often. Work it out and save yourself the stress of trying to plan a funeral from jail.
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Technology Challenges In K-12 Education

The marriage of technology and education has proved to be a challenging endeavor. This is especially true for large urban school districts that are faced with the task of incorporating technology on two fronts. The business side needs it to manage student data, finances, infrastructure, and food services. The teaching side needs it to keep up with the society’s demands on how their children are educated.

Some of the larger school districts serve over 175,000 students and a complimentary staff of 20,000. The finances to manage these organizations usually come from federal, state, and local governments by way of taxes, bonds, etc. There is an ongoing debate about how the money being poured into public education is being spent. That debate became even louder after the government began collecting and distributing billions of dollars with its E-rate program.

When school districts began to receive that windfall, the public expected that the issue of technology in schools would be immediately addressed. That did not happen. In fact, for the large school districts it presented new challenges for technology directors. The E-rate program is very complex participate in and report on. The funds are directly related to the number of children receiving free or reduced price lunch (another government program).

In a typical large urban school district, you will have schools at both ends of the spectrum. Those in the well to do neighborhoods will have a robust PTA, active participation by neighborhood businesses, and students eager to learn. At the other end of the spectrum, you will have schools with little parental participation, old facilities, a high concentration of poor children, and little business/community participation.

The E-rate funds are targeted for the latter group of schools. It provides for things like internal wiring, Internet services, and network equipment. What it does not provide for are computers or software to connect to those systems. The thought process was that schools could use the funds that they saved on E-rate provided items to purchase computers and software. Sounds good, except, not many districts budget for wiring upgrades, increased bandwidth, or router replacements.

In the early days of E-rate, some districts worked the system by purchasing the same items for the same schools each year. They would then transfer the older equipment to schools in the district that did not qualify for E-rate. That loophole and many others were soon closed. The large school districts are now scrambling to meet technology demands with fewer dollars available.

Some district leaders are concentrating their efforts on the schools where there is the most need. They are getting the new computers, new software, and the new instructional technology. The schools in the well to do neighborhoods have similar efforts started, except they have to rely on parents, PTA’s, and local businesses to make it happen. Those schools are now asking for an equitable distribution of district technology funds.

It is incumbent on district leaders to engage technology professionals who know how to remedy this and other technology issues. Semi-retired educators or an appointed hack is not the way to resolve such problems. Immediate attention is needed. Remember, that for each four-year plan that means that a child starting kindergarten will be halfway though elementary school before something happens and a ninth grader will be gone from the system.
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Breastfeeding in Public – How to Feel Comfortable With Public Breastfeeding

Some women can feel shy about breastfeeding in public, however if you are only comfortable to breastfeed at home then you will need to be prepared to stay home a lot. There are two things that will help you to feel a lot more comfortable breastfeeding in public and that is:

Wearing the right clothes and having the right attitude!

Firstly the right clothes

If you are wearing a nursing bra or a nursing t-shirt you are able to stay fully clothed and just undo your bra or t-shirt without showing any skin at all. It is very possible to breastfed discretely if you are wearing the right clothing. The baby covers up the rest. Some women feel more comfortable draping a shawl or blanket over their shoulder as well, however my baby didn’t like this one bit and I found this made it even more obvious that we were breastfeeding.

Secondly the right attitude

Breastfeeding your baby is a very natural thing to do. When your baby is hungry they need to be fed and it is important that you know it is your baby’s right to be fed when they need to be and I can’t think of anywhere that would be inappropriate.

You may fear that someone will ask you not to breastfed however I breastfed my baby everywhere for 19 months from the public library, the mall, restaurants to the customs hall at the airport and in 5 different countries including the Middle East and I was never asked once to not feed my baby. I was however discrete and I did believe it was my son’s right to be fed when he needed to be no matter where we were. It is important however to know what you would say and do if this were to occur.
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Stages in Potty Training Toddlers

When it comes to potty training toddlers, close observation of your child’s elimination patterns is necessary for all parents and child caretakers. Children, nearing three years of age, are usually ready to begin this process. Sometime after two years old, some children begin to develop a new pattern of going to a certain part of the house when they are about to defecate – and it’s not always the bathroom! This behavior exhibits a toddler’s ability to recognize what their body is preparing to do, as well as control the action.

Rather than assume that your child is playing a game of hide-and-seek, your toddler may be non-verbally expressing the need for some amount of privacy while she releases her bowels or urinates. These three signs – feeling the need to eliminate, possessing the ability to hold it, and going to a place where he or she is comfortable enough to release their waste is critical in the development of toddlers.

Parents who have observed this pattern should then take it upon themselves to gently lead their toddler to the bathroom – away from the hiding place. With baby potty training, assurance is critical; a child should not be made to feel that he or she did something wrong by not going directly to the right place. It is best to have a potty already in place in the bathroom, so that your child is familiar with it, eliminating a new distraction, which she may assume is a toy.

The beginning stage of potty training girls does not mean that you must immediately remove your child’s diapers before allowing him or her to sit on it. Once the potty is no longer a novelty, then you might begin to prod your child towards the next step of urinating or defecating into it. By now, you are probably aware of your toddler’s elimination clock, which is usually within a half hour after a meal, or after drinking. Within that time frame is the perfect opportunity for you to lead your child to the potty, assist him or her with taking off their diapers, and allow them to calmly sit on the potty for 5 -10 minutes.

Potty training stages vary from baby to baby. What may be the “right” age or time for one child may not be the right time for another child. In fact, development training stages aren’t hard and fast, and some children pick up different stages in different orders.

While you may not always be successful in the initial timing, eventually your toddler will know when they are ready. Remember, potty training toddlers should feel comfortable and relaxed during this natural stage of learning and development. Criticizing, or behaving in a manner less than calm, will postpone success.
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