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How do moms find time for exercise as a SAHM (or working mom)?

I have twins that are a 42 days old, and I really want to lose the pregnancy weight. I’m having trouble finding time to exercise, and just lose the weight in general. How do other moms do it? Preferably moms with 4 or more kids, please….I can barely find time for a shower, let alone an hour on the treadmill, or go for a walk (with the kids or not). Ughh…I just wish I could just lose the dang weight and be done with it! LOL. So how do moms with 4 or more kids find time for exercise?

Oh, and yes, I am eating very healthy too…

xD Thanx
Yeah, I eat NO junkfood, and watch my portions, and eat slower. Still—NOTHING. lol.
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Six Helpful Suggestions About Potty Training Your Toddler

Training toddlers to use the potty can be one of the most challenging tasks for parents of toddlers. There are many books, resources, and products designed for potty training but it can still be challenging for many children and their parents. While potty training is a rite of passage for young children it should not be a harrowing experience.

Because potty training is challenging for most children at least at first, parents look for help when training their toddler. Here are six tips to make potty training easier.

Your child will be ready for potty training on their own time. While most parents would be happy getting potty training done as soon as possible, many children aren’t ready as soon as parents would like. It is very common for children, especially boys, to not be ready for potty training until age three or even three and a half.

If your child does not take to potty training right away there is nothing wrong with stopping and resuming it when they are ready. It your child is struggling it may be best to try again in a few months when your child is older and may be more receptive.

While accidents should not be rewarded, punishing or belittling a child is counter productive to potty training. Accidents should be handled matter-of-factly without criticism or making a child feel ashamed.

Using pull ups or other training pants that absorb like diapers may keep your child from learning quickly as they cannot feel the wetness. Cloth training pants or regular underwear that allow your child to feel wetness may help them learn better if they are having trouble learning with pull ups.

Many parents would not consider allowing their child to run around the house naked, but doing so can be a good potty training method. Many children find it easier to use learn to use the toilet if they are allowed to forgo pants and underwear.

Make our child feel good about using the toilet, but do not push them or stress out over it. Putting too much pressure on a child to potty train can be counter productive and cause them to have trouble learning.

Parents look forward to the end of diapers, but potty training offers new challenges to the parents of toddlers. Approach potty training only when your child is ready and be sure to use plenty of positive reinforcement and low pressure.
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Digital Scrapbooking-make your Memories Last a Lifetime! Where to Begin?

Digital Scrapbooking-Make your Memories Last a Lifetime!! Where to Begin?

Moms and women from all over the world are enjoying making there memories last for a lifetime(and more!) with the new affordable hobby of digital scrapbooking. Whats Digital Scrapbooking? Its an affordable way to design and personalize your scrapbook layouts and photos without leaving your computer!!! You can print them or save them to a cd to share with family and friends!!

How do you get started?

First you need to decide if you would like to make the Digital Scrapbook layouts from scratch or find some great Premade Digital Scrapbook Layouts.

Making your Layout from Scratch

If you would like to create your first layout from scratch you will need a graphics or photo program (We recommend Paint Shop Pro you can download a free trial at Create an blank image in either 12by12 or 8by12 inches. Draw embelishments or add graphics to decorate your page and add backgrounds. Then just add your favorite photos!!!

Want a Premade Layout?

There are many great websites that offer Kits and Premade Scrapbook Layouts. The Graphics Shoppe is a Online Graphics,Scrapbooking and Crafts club with adorable themed premade scrapbook layouts ready for printing or using digitally. Just add photos and your done!

Digital Scrapbooking is a way to make sure your cherished memories never fade away or get ruined. They last forever and can be shared for generations to come and with so many resources you will always be able to find the perfect layout for your family photos!!!


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If the majority of feminists believe in pursuing a career instead of being a SAHM?

shouldn’t we see a lot of female executives and professionals who are feminists?

By feminist, I’m referring strictly to those who claim the label and are somewhat active within the movement, because the majority of women in the West believe in being independent or equal human worth, but they don’t claim to be feminists.

I’m just curious if there are any statistics or research done on the kind of jobs/positions that self pro claimed feminists hold. There are studies done on what kind of careers certain cultures mostly pursue etc., so I’m curious about specifics, not looking for the “it can’t be generalized” comments.
Thank you for all the answers, but I”m not looking for a definition of feminism. I’m looking for specific statistics on the kind of positions self pro claimed feminists hold. I believe this to be a very straight forward question.
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Getting Involved in Your Child’s School

It is important for parents to be involved in their child’s school. Children whose parents participate in their school have higher grades and test scores and better attendance, and are more likely to be well adjusted and enjoy school, according to a report from the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and the National Coalition for Parental Involvement in Education (NCPIE). The U.S. Department of Education and the National Committee for Citizens in Education also report that children of involved parents achieve more in school. For some parents who work full-time, this may be a difficult task. But there are still ways for working parents to be involved.

Here are some ways for you to get involved:

• Attend school functions such as open houses, family nights, and school carnivals.

• Be sure and meet the teachers and principal and let them know you are interested in being involved in events. Let them know your schedule and when you are available.

• Volunteer in your child’s classroom. Help the teacher with projects, making copies, or reading to the class. If you can’t do this on a regular basis, be sure and check with the teacher periodically to see if you can help. Most teachers welcome parental help in the classroom.

• Being a homeroom mom or dad is a great opportunity to be involved. You can help plan activities, classroom parties and events throughout the year. Although this usually requires more time it is a great way to be involved.

• Join the local parent teacher association (PTA) to meet other parents, and raise funds for projects and materials for the school. The PTA often meets after school and normal work hours.

• Get to know other parents. By attending events at the school you will get to know other parents and build a network. You can even set up a parent center at the school or elsewhere for parents to meet and talk.

• Volunteer to tutor students or help with students who have special needs.

• Volunteer to be a chaperone for field trips, dances, or sporting events.

• Volunteer to assist in the library area of your school. School librarians often need help.

• Share a talent. If you are a good artist or musician, volunteer to perform or do an activity at the school. Or if you have an interesting career or have done something interesting, volunteer to be a guest speaker for your child’s class.

Being involved in your child’s school lets them know you are interested in their education. Also by being involved in the school, it gives you an inside track on what is going on there such as new projects, upcoming events or even any problems that are happening with your child or the school. But be sure not to overextend yourself by volunteering for everything that comes along. Sometimes this can backfire and take too much time away from your child and family. Find the right balance of involvement for you and your family.

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Avoiding false positives on background checks

Let’s face it: having to go through a background check is stressful enough. Getting a false positive result can unnecessarily magnify that stress for both the subject and the entity performing the check. Needless to say, conducting a background check is a sensitive matter, and every precaution should be taken to avoid false positives. Usually, such blunders can be caused by inaccurate data, identity theft, or coincidence.

Background investigation is not an exact science, so be prepared to occasionally overlook a record or report a false positive. The best way to avoid inaccurate results is to start on a small scale, close to home, gradually widening the scope of your search. Knowing where the person has lived, worked, or attended college during the last 10 years is vital information for an accurate background check. When looking for a criminal record, the most reliable and current sources are county courthouse files for the subject’s home and surrounding counties.

Narrowing your range also eliminates many same-name records – the smaller the area, the fewer duplicates on your report. Make sure to obtain the middle name to distinguish from other subjects with same first and last names. The key to successfully retrieving the correct criminal record is matching the name and date of birth. To ensure you have the right birth date, compare your data to driving records, social security annals and credit reports.

Information procured from state-wide databases is very useful in supplementing county searches. These sources aid in discovering crimes that may have been committed outside the subject’s county or state of residence. When a database returns a positive record, its accuracy should be verified with a court search before being included on the report.

Short of obtaining fingerprints, these methods are practically guaranteed to produce accurate results. These basic steps should drastically minimize, if not completely eliminate false positive results on background checks.

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The Millionaire Mindset and the WAHM and WAHGM

We are what we think we are. Our environment mirrors exactly what we think and feel deep in our hearts. In like manner, the success of our business is a result of what we think and feel. Our mindsets and attitudes about amassing a fortune or building a team or building a business come from our childhood, our background, our feelings and emotions from past beliefs about ourselves. These inner thoughts and views are mirrored in our environment and control our direction in life and in business.

So, what is your mindset like as a WAHM? What kinds of attitudes do you hold about yourself as a WAHGM? Do you see yourself having success and prosperity? Or, do you see yourself as never getting what you want with no hope of that ever happening?

For example, if you grew up in a family where the subject of money was never talked about except in negative terms, then, that is probably what you now believe to be true. That belief influences everything you do and create.

What did you hear about money from your parents or other role models? Did they say negative things about rich people? How did they view success? There are so many phrases. Here are a few ideas you may have formed from what you heard:

Money is the root of all evil. Money and material things are not important. Poor people are nicer. Rich people are selfish. Wealthy people act crazy. There is no such thing as a free lunch. I can not afford it. It is too expensive. Money does not grow on trees. Successful people are not happy.

As a result of that kind of negative reinforcement, did you grow up feeling guilty that you should want money? Did you believe it was better and nobler not to have money? Do you still believe you do not deserve wealth and prosperity? Unconsciously, many women do, especially if they work from home and do not see the success they envisioned.

Many women grow up just settling. Many just settle for a dead-end job or a dead-end relationship or marriage that is not in their best interest because they do not believe they are worthy of anything better. They do not really believe they should be an entrepreneur. They have brought into adulthood as the truth the negative ideas they believed as a child. That is why they do not have a successful business.

There is good news here for every WAHM and WAHGM! If you do not like what you see in that mirror of your environment, you can change it, no matter what your circumstances are. As an adult, you can now make a choice to change the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs from your past. You can choose to have empowering and positive beliefs about yourself and your ability to do great things like build a business, travel, give to your favorite people or your favorite cause. You can create a millionaire mindset. Millionaires do it all the time.

It may take some time and effort. However, you are worth it. Take a good look at whether the beliefs you have about money and prosperity and wealth are serving you now. Are they based in fear? Are they helping you build your business?

It is time to open yourself up to the limitless possibilities within you, no matter how old or young you are or what your circumstances or background might be. You are the one who has the key to your own success and prosperity! Give yourself permission to unlock your potential.
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Potty Training Your Toddler – Make it a Success

Successfully potty training your toddler is a significant point in your child’s developmental process. Some children are ready for potty training as early as their second birthday while others are not quite ready until closer to their fourth. Part of the parents’ responsibility is to watch for signs of readiness in their children so as not to begin too early. Some of the signs include your child mimicking others’ behaviors such as going into the bathroom, curiosity concerning the functions of the toilet, being able to pull their pants up and down, and expressing to you when they need to go to the bathroom. Once a child begins to demonstrate these independent characteristics, they could be ready to begin the often tedious, but ultimately rewarding process of potty training.

After you have ascertained that your child is ready to get rid of their diapers, you must invest in the right equipment to make their potty training a success. One of the necessary elements is acquiring a child-sized toilet or other specialized equipment that you can attach to the regular toilet. In the event that you opt for the second type of equipment, it’s generally a good idea to also invest in a small step to assist your child in climbing onto the toilet. Another useful tool is specialized training pants that work in much the same way as diapers, but feel and look more like real underwear, also allowing your child to pull them up and down without having to unfasten the sides, like a diaper. Nighttime training pants can also be purchased which will assist you when it’s time for your child to begin potty training overnight.

Once you transition your child from the diaper to the training pants, start a routine with them concerning their potty training. Make sure to show your child how the toilet works and sit them on it regularly so that they know what it sounds like and how it feels while being secure with your presence. The important part is to explain the process to your child while showing them physically what your words mean. Teach them to flush the toilet, to dress themselves, and wash their hands after going to the bathroom. Encourage their independence while staying close by to ensure your child’s comfort with the process. A large factor in your success with your child’s potty training is teaching them that it’s okay to be independent. It’s important to remind them that the toilet is there and encourage them to use it when they demonstrate a need to go to the bathroom.

Night training is the last hurdle to jump when potty training. Even if your child quickly conquers daytime training, it could take a significant amount of time more for them to get comfortable with nighttime training. Part of the reason for this is that a child’s body cannot be relied upon to wake them up in the middle of the night when they need to go. A good thing to reinforce the need to use the toilet is to place their training chair near the bed. Another thing is to make use of the nighttime training pants readily available on the market. They feel wet, unlike a diaper, when your child uses them during the night, encouraging them to get up to go to the bathroom. Just make sure that your child knows that he/she can call you for help at any time when they wake up. It’s very important that they know that you as parents are still available for support at any time.

Potty training is a sometimes difficult but ultimately rewarding process. As long as you help your child along with not only explanations, but also physical demonstrations, encouraging them along the way, success will ultimately be a reality as your child discovers the independence of using the toilet.
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Raw Food Potlucks for a Raw Treat

Now, most of you reading this article may say to themselves, raw food potlucks? Who on earth, where on earth, or maybe even, “why on earth” would you go to one of those? Well, to answer the last question, just do some reading on the benefits of raw food, and you’ll gain some understanding on the benefits of raw food. To answer the first two questions, many people who know lots about raw foods and how to prepare them have these potlucks, and it’s a great way to get to know some like minded people, and eat raw food ranging from the simple to the adventurous!

If you are interested in this at all, I encourage you to type the words “raw food potluck (your city)” into the google search engine, and see if there’s anything near you. I think there are a fair amount of them out there, but if there’s not one in your area, you could always start one of your own. Just invite at least 2 other people, and have them bring something totally raw, put on some nice music, and get a raw book or two from the library, or have a speaker come in, and have a great, healthy night gorging on raw food!

My family and I have enjoyed going to these potlucks. I have been fortunate enough to meet Victoria Boutenko at one of them, and her talk inspired me to go on a raw food diet, well, for 3 months! Kind of sorry I came off it, but I do know the value of the raw food diet! I felt great, looked great, and became a morning person! Miracle of miracles. I still enjoy a largely raw diet, and someday I will go on it again for an extended time, if not for good.

The value in these potlucks is great. It gives fellowship with like minded people, and therefore a support system. It gives you a raw night out, free! (Well, you have to bring a raw food dish, but other than that, you will most likely eat a wonderful raw meal that you might easily pay good money for elsewhere.) Another value in these raw potlucks is that they give you the opportunity to collect raw food recipes! This is great, because I cannot tell you how many times I got to taste something delicious, get the recipe, go home and see if I already had the recipe in one of my raw food books, only to confirm that I didn’t. Score.

A great thing to bring to one of these potlucks, just so you’re prepared to come home with some good recipes, is a blank recipe book, such as I have made available on my site. I wish I would’ve had one of these years ago!

If you’re thinking, ok, great place to go and find raw food recipes and meet people…but I don’t have a raw food recipe/dish to bring. Well, you could buy a watermelon and cut it up, and voila, you will have an instant hit. Or a bring plate full of grapes, and they’ll be gone! Or you could type “raw food recipes free” in the google search engine, and try something new.

Why not be adventurous? Check out a raw food potluck in your area and enjoy a night being totally raw. Who knows? Maybe you’ll decide to take the raw plunge, too.
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Potty Training My Toddler

How To Potty Train a Toddler. Top 5 ways of knowing if your child is ready for that big step. One of the most frightening things about being a new parent is figuring out when a child is ready for the “next stage in life”. When are they ready to stop drinking from a bottle, or when should they attempt to feed themselves or when should a parent start potty training? These changes were quite frightening for me because as I read many expert opinions about the subject and the consequences associated with doing something wrong, you have no choice but to be scared of messing up so bad that your child will have to deal with the consequences forever.

I’m here to tell you to relax. The wonderful thing about most of these stages, they are part of nature and most of the time nature will prevail despite our short falls. The best advice for new parents is to follow the signs that nature provide.

The top 5 signs that signal you that your child maybe ready for potty training are as follows:

1) Your child stay dry for longer period of time
2) Your child wakes up dry often in the morning
3) Your child starts dressing herself/himself
4) Your child let you know they need changing or if they are wet
5) Your child show interest in wearing big kids underpants

These signs tell you that this is a great time to make an attempt at potty training. Now it is important to remember in all the different stages in your child’s life, the most important ways to influence change is through consistency and serving as the role model.

When beginning to potty train my daughter, I first took her to the store to select the “Big Girl” underpants to serve as her motivation. I selected to begin this process at a time when I was home on leave from work with her and when we would have very little distractions from our schedule.

The next day, I introduced her to the potty. We started our day on the potty. During that day, every time I went, my daughter sat on the potty. The second day, I put on the Big girl underpants on her for an hour and I move the potty to the family room where we spend most of our day. Every 30 minutes I would have her sit on the potty. This would go on for several days, until she finally goes on her own. I celebrated with her, but not excessively. I wanted her to know that this was a great thing but also a normal part of life.

Like I mentioned before, relax if your child resist at first. Eventually, your child will come around. You will not have an 18 year old in diapers. It will happen in due time. Be patient, relax, stay consistent and motivated.
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