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Does color of skin really matter?

I read something that whites are elevating the polls over Oboma. Please i am concerned about this. You want the same crap we have had for eight years, you want your kids going to war with these two yelling war with russia and iran, a PTA moose burger, PTA mother who can not control her own family? Oboma can be pin striped with polka dots for all i care, he has the answers to fix what is wrong and the judgement that comes with being a president. I listened to Hillary, she was right. I vote for him and i hope red neck dumb asses are not sitting around saying he is a black man, Oh my God!! He is half white for all your color blind people or for those who think whites are superior. I am a 55 year old white woman, and i pray those republicans have no control of nuclear weapons.
Being a nurse i treat everyone the ame, no matter what color they are… so should america, or we have no evolved.
Like i said, i do not care if you have stripes, good judgement and adressing the issues and listening is important to america. Color should not even come into play nor religion.
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