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The Millionaire Mindset and the WAHM and WAHGM

We are what we think we are. Our environment mirrors exactly what we think and feel deep in our hearts. In like manner, the success of our business is a result of what we think and feel. Our mindsets and attitudes about amassing a fortune or building a team or building a business come from our childhood, our background, our feelings and emotions from past beliefs about ourselves. These inner thoughts and views are mirrored in our environment and control our direction in life and in business.

So, what is your mindset like as a WAHM? What kinds of attitudes do you hold about yourself as a WAHGM? Do you see yourself having success and prosperity? Or, do you see yourself as never getting what you want with no hope of that ever happening?

For example, if you grew up in a family where the subject of money was never talked about except in negative terms, then, that is probably what you now believe to be true. That belief influences everything you do and create.

What did you hear about money from your parents or other role models? Did they say negative things about rich people? How did they view success? There are so many phrases. Here are a few ideas you may have formed from what you heard:

Money is the root of all evil. Money and material things are not important. Poor people are nicer. Rich people are selfish. Wealthy people act crazy. There is no such thing as a free lunch. I can not afford it. It is too expensive. Money does not grow on trees. Successful people are not happy.

As a result of that kind of negative reinforcement, did you grow up feeling guilty that you should want money? Did you believe it was better and nobler not to have money? Do you still believe you do not deserve wealth and prosperity? Unconsciously, many women do, especially if they work from home and do not see the success they envisioned.

Many women grow up just settling. Many just settle for a dead-end job or a dead-end relationship or marriage that is not in their best interest because they do not believe they are worthy of anything better. They do not really believe they should be an entrepreneur. They have brought into adulthood as the truth the negative ideas they believed as a child. That is why they do not have a successful business.

There is good news here for every WAHM and WAHGM! If you do not like what you see in that mirror of your environment, you can change it, no matter what your circumstances are. As an adult, you can now make a choice to change the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs from your past. You can choose to have empowering and positive beliefs about yourself and your ability to do great things like build a business, travel, give to your favorite people or your favorite cause. You can create a millionaire mindset. Millionaires do it all the time.

It may take some time and effort. However, you are worth it. Take a good look at whether the beliefs you have about money and prosperity and wealth are serving you now. Are they based in fear? Are they helping you build your business?

It is time to open yourself up to the limitless possibilities within you, no matter how old or young you are or what your circumstances or background might be. You are the one who has the key to your own success and prosperity! Give yourself permission to unlock your potential.
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WAHM and Coupons

Today there are more and more work at home moms (WAHM) out there! A person that has their own home based business whether its internet related, or not. WAHMS have learned a lot about being cost effective, and if they were in the corporate world, they would probably be the expert consultant on cutting costs. One of the best ways they have found to save money, besides that of staying home to work is through online coupons. Wahm and coupons go hand in hand and women, who have learned how to use them, know how to work wonders.

After all everyone loves to save money and everyone loves free stuff, but WAHM’s love it even more than other people. In fact many work at home moms have become experts in online coupons and discount codes.

Companies Offer Free Products and Deep Discounts

Many companies offer free things or great discounts online. All you need to do is visit or search for coupons on Google and you will find many different options for many different stores. Why do companies make such great discounts, and give products away? The answer is simple really. It is a promotional marketing program. Giving away products is a great way to get WAHMS to spread the word of mouth about great products.

The idea is to give one away, so that you will buy another, and have all your friends and acquaintances buy the product too. Other companies give free products away or give deep discounts to research their market. Sometimes in order to receive the product, the person is required to leave his email address, or personal information or give an opinion about a certain product.

When companies offer free products, samples and coupons they are helping middle class people buy or try a new product without it costing them too much.

There are all kinds of products available. You can get free makeup, a free bottle of Clorox bleach, $500 in sears gift certificates, etc. They are real promotions and they are great promotions, but many come with certain restrictions and those must be met in order to redeem the offer.

Discount Coupon Codes

Another great way moms can save money is through discount coupon codes. When you know you are going to buy something specific from a certain store, then you also know that a discount for that product would be great. So, if for instance you were going to buy a stereo from Best Buy, you would look for a discount coupon code online. Just search Best Buy coupons and you will get all kinds of options.

Then go to the online store and when checking out use the coupon code you just went searching for. As a stay at home mom you can save hundreds of dollars this way.

The WAHM and coupon codes and promotions go hand in hand. Moms have been known to save hundreds and even thousands of dollars on all the products they buy for their families.
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4 Main Reasons Why WAHM Business is on the Rise

There is a growing trend of moms quitting their 9 to 5 job and heading back home to start a new venture, WAHM business. The success of mompreneurship and the advance of technology and internet contributed to more work at home resources online. These successful mompreneurs inspire newbie moms who want to set up a home based company.

The reasons why WAHM Business is on the rise are:
Today’s Moms have Entrepreneur Mindset. Moms who used to work for high paying jobs say “NO” to simple and low pay work at home jobs such as data entry. Stay at home moms no longer want to work part-time for basic pay. What they want is to take ownership of the job and set up an enterprise. Today’s Resources for Work at Home Focus on Online Business Opportunities. The successful mompreneurs share their expertise and provide guides on how to start a home based company. More and more online home business ideas are explored and created. Service-based business, freelance writing and blogging are examples of online WAHM business. Online home based company is low risk and easy to start with the low cost investment. The Advance of Technology and Internet. Mompreneurs use technology and internet to provide work at home learning resources for moms in the forms of e-books, audios and video tutorials, podcast or database library. The easy access of learning materials via the internet and the low cost of learning encourage moms to learn and venture into setting up a small company. The Growth of Business Outsourcing. Large companies no longer hire permanent staffs hence they outsource service related activities to small business owners. WAHM business is growing due to the demand of business outsourcing. Moms who own a small home based company offer their expertise based on job contract. Virtual Assistance, bookkeeping, proof-reading, transcription, copywriting are examples of service based business which can complement to the need of large companies. WAHM business is still a business although it is run from home. Moms basically need to learn about time management and setting goals. Time management is important; moms need to schedule their work efficiently in order to complete the task for their clients in time. Running a company from home is not easy; moms need to set goals as a direction. Overcoming challenges and finding ways to improve your business are ongoing process in goal setting.

Overall, a home based company can be rewarding if one strives to make it work. Moms will find fulfillment in career and personal development while staying at home to attend their family.
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Stay at Home Moms – How Does $15,000 Per Month Sound?

Surprise! Surprise!

The statistics don’t lie. No matter how bad the economy, more and more moms are making the decision to stay at home and raise their children and be homemakers. There aren’t many solid statistics on SAHMs, but a 2004 article in USA Today stated there are at least 5.4 million women in the US who have chosen to leave the “go-to-work” rat race, and stay at home.

How many of those SAHMs have part-time jobs, how many supplement income with side jobs, or how many work at home in the Internet, no one really knows. One thing is clear – the mothers who must go to work are not as happy overall as they were twenty or thirty years ago. This new generation appears to be willing to sacrifice to be homemakers and to be fully active in raising their children.

Starting Small

Technology is making it more and more feasible for SAHMs to work a few hours on the Internet and add extra dollars to the household income. Because many of these moms are browsing online looking for “bargains” (such as coupons, freebies, and used items), they are often invited to become involved in some kind of marketing “survey.” When a freebie arrives in the mail, it’s plenty of incentive to do that again. From there, the opportunity may open up to join up with a survey business opportunity. Now the possibility of earning a few extra bucks a week becomes more viable. This seems to be a sort of “natural flow of events” that is echoed in many forums and blogs online.

It doesn’t take too long before these savvy SAHMs start setting their sights a little higher. Soon they discover other aspects of making an income online. It may be an eBay store, or a website to sell their crafts, or a product to sell for someone else, such as is found in affiliate marketing.

What Changed?

The ironic aspect of this scenario is this: the motivated women who, while in corporate America, worked hard to pull down the highest salary possible, are the same women who, working online, are satisfied with a few measly dollars here and there.

What’s wrong with this picture? What changed?

It comes down to vision. Perhaps no one has rung the clarion bell to stress the limitless possibilities. Perhaps no one has issued the challenge that the glass ceiling is truly shattered when it comes to earning online.

Are you a SAHM? What are you looking at? What are you looking for? Dollars? Or lots of dollars!

If all you want is to earn a few extra dollars a week then that is exactly what you will find. And the places online to do just that are legion.

Is that what you want? Is that all you think is possible? What if the sights were set higher? And higher? And then still higher? Do you think you would change the way you plan your online search? Would it change the way you look at online opportunities?

It IS Possible

Perhaps as an SAHM you never even considered that $15k per month income might be possible for you. You thought that was only for some of those gurus who’ve been working the Net for many years and have it down to a fine art.

The fact of the matter is – it is possible. With the right vehicle, the right mentor, the right products (high ticket items) and the right marketing system in place, (and using the same investment of time) $15k a month can be a reality in your life.

And the funny thing is, corporate America doesn’t have a clue.

Pull the Pack ‘n Play close, turn on the laptop and get busy!
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Pros and Cons of a Work at Home Business

Some will say working at home is the best thing they’ve ever done. Some will say that they would rather go out of the home to work. Everyone has their own preference. Some can tolerate commuting back and forth to their job, but others cannot bear the thought of it.

Some people who have been home with their children for a long time would most likely enjoy working at home since they are used to being home and having the kids there all day. Some people need to get out to work for that little break from the kids and being stuck in the house. It’s very easy to become overwhelmed with all that needs to be done at home. The kids running around yelling and playing can be distracting.

Some will say they’d rather not have their kids in a daycare or with a babysitter. They may also say that it would be too difficult to keep up with the kids, housework, and a job out of the home. If this is the case, a work at home business is perfect. Work can be done before the kids get up in the morning, when they go down for a nap or they’re in school and at the end of the day when they are sleeping. Taking a break from work will give some time to do any house work or laundry that needs to be done.

More pros of a work at home business are no bosses to report to or deadlines to meet. A schedule can be made to fit the need of the family. There is no commute to get back and forth to work. No snow or rain to drive in either. Money is saved on fuel and food. There is also more free time to spend with the family or doing things that a person enjoys. There is no rushing around after work trying to get things done and dinner made and the kids to bed. It will already have been done during the day.

Some of the cons include difficulty in concentrating when everyone is around. Some may be easily distracted and frequently interrupted. This is understandable though, if there is only one parent home. The kids need things , especially when they are younger. Because of this some may find they stay up too late doing the things that require full attention. It can be easy to say “oh I’ll do that later” since there are no deadlines or a boss to report to. Keeping motivated may be difficult because there is no one there to edge the person on. Therefore, it can be easy to slack off.

If the person doesn’t have their own office it can be difficult to have the quiet that is required. Doing as much as possible during the day that doesn’t require a lot of thinking or concentration may be a solution. Save the other stuff for when the kids go to sleep. Even if there is an office, the kids may be at the door demanding this or that. This is when a strict schedule and rules need to be enforced.

Some people require adult conversation. Not being around other people besides kids can really cause a person to go stir crazy. That’s why it’s important to get out sometimes. Go to dinner and a movie with your spouse, lunch with friends or even just a walk to clear your head of all the demands of the kids. Some may rather quiet and to be by their self sometimes.

These are some of the pros and cons of a work at home business. Some may agree with these and some may not. Everyone has there own tolerance and preference. Weighing these and making the decision that fits one’s family is a great way to decide if working at home is best or if going out of the home to work is best.
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WAHM’s – How to Balance Work & Family

One of the challenges faced by work at home moms is balancing their work and family.
There is always the danger of work swallowing up all of your family time, or having your family
time interrupt your business.

I heard a story a while back, that I think illustrates
the best way to balance the two. And, it goes like this…

First, think of your life as a jar.

Second, think of those things that are most important
to you. This might include things like your family, your
career, your free time, and your health. Now picture these
important things as large rocks.

Next, think of all the other things that take up time in
your life. Cleaning the house, running errands, answering
email, doing laundry, watching TV. All those things that
take up time, but are not what’s most important to you.
I want you to picture these things as sand.

Now, take your jar. Fill it up with your sand. And then,
ask yourself, can I still fit my big rocks into the jar?
Chances are you cannot – because your sand has taken up
all of the space.

This is what many people do with their life. They busy
themselves with all of the little things. And then,
they don’t have time left for what’s most important.

Here is how I want you to fill YOUR jar.

FIRST, put in your big rocks. Schedule time for what’s
most important to you.

Then, pour in your sand. A funny thing happens. The sand
fills in all of the little spaces left over in the jar.
Suddenly, BOTH the rocks and the sand fit in the jar!

Once you have scheduled your most important things, you
can fill in the time that’s left with your “sand” – all
those other things that you CAN do, but that aren’t
most important to you.

Now, you may be thinking, but I have to do my laundry
and clean my house and run my errands. Yes, some of
these things may need to be done. But in what priority?
And, do YOU have to be the one doing them?

When I learned how to “let go” of the little stuff (my sand)
and focus on the important things I wanted to spend my
time on, I became much happier, healthier AND my business
started to grow.

And, not only that, I began to enjoy the journey.

You may not be a 6FigureWAHM yet, but as you take steps
to become one, remember to enjoy every day along the
way. The saddest thing that can happen is to finally
get there and realize you sacrificed what was most
important along the way.

The role of Super Mom is highly over-rated, and highly
unrealistic. Give up on your ideals of how you THINK
your life should be, and what you think you SHOULD be
able to do, and focus on doing what’s most important to

If you can do this, I think you’ll find it’s much easier
to balance your work and family.
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Me an Entrepreneur? I’m Just a WAHM

You’re a WAHM (work at home mom or dad) right? So, let me tell you why I am asking if you think you are an entrepreneur. Most of us tend to think of entrepreneurs as being sharp-suited, fast talking people who deal in large sums that read like telephone numbers.

Yet the truth is this: if you sell products or services, particularly where you buy cheaply then sell at a higher price, then you ARE an entrepreneur.

Just because you think of yourself as being a work at home mom (WAHM), it doesn’t mean that you are not an entrepreneur. If you buy something and sell it at a profit, or if you make something and sell it at a profit, that makes you an entrepreneur.

OK you may only have a small home based business, but the object of ANY business is to make a profit and provide income for it’s principals, isn’t it?

So lets get serious, you are an entrepreneur and as such you need to organize your business to make a profit (otherwise its just a hobby) and to do that you must pay attention to your pricing. If you make something to sell, you must factor in the cost of your time – you could be earning money elsewhere otherwise.

Next you need to examine the marketplace to see what is actually in demand then promote your product or service accordingly.

You will not make a profit if no-one wants to buy what you’re offering; similarly neither will you if no-one is aware of your products or services.

Many of the people who make a good living on eBay for instance, do so by buying products to resell. You can do this by picking up poorly advertised or mis-spelled items from other eBay sellers; buy buying at offline auctions, or by using the ‘drop-ship’ services. If you’re not sure what these are, I’ll explain them in another article soon.

One of the favorite types of item to sell, because its quite easy and there is an ever-growing demand, is information products – mainly e-books – on just about any topic you can think of. You can write these yourself or buy other people’s work with a resale license.

Approach your home business seriously, use the work at home tips and information available on hundreds of websites all over the internet and be prepared to ditch anything that doesn’t make you some money.

When you do all that, you’ll know that you really ARE an entrepreneur! You don’t have to be sharp suited or fast talking, but you DO have to think PROFIT.
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Work at Home For Moms – How to Start Your Own WAHM Business?

Today, unlike several years ago, its very easy and cheap to start your own “work at home moms” business. You can find ready made affiliate website for as little as $5 or subscribe and get several of them each month for no more then $25. All you have to do is drive some traffic to these sites and more or less you can not fail to make at least a few hundred dollars per month.

Most of these starter kits will also have some sort of traffic guide included so you have even that covered, and if you have some extra money to invest (no more then $50 per month) you can even find people to drive traffic to these sites for you – how easy is that?!

Naturally WAHM business model has many advantages over regular 9 to 5 rat race, from work schedule flexibility to not wasting time commuting every day, this alone should save you at least two hours each day that you can spend with your family. As I’ve already said you even do not have to spend a lot of money to start your own home business, especially if you compare it with traditional business models.

For example if you decide to become an affiliate many of affiliate directories will provide many of the things you’ll need for free, stuff like hosting, web design and many will even provide top notch training. Now why would anyone give you anything for free, I mean it must be some kind of a scam, right?!

Not necessarily, you see they want you to succeed, because if you make money they make money, the more you make the more they make, it’s as simple as that. Can you think of any other business model where a person you have never met is trying to help you succeed? Me neither!

Affiliate marketing as a business model for WAHM’s has even more advantages, you do not have to deal with costumers or have anything to do with shipment or product creation. All you need to do is buy your own PC/MAC, provide your own internet connection and you’re in business, naturally many moms already have all this so it’s even easier to start.

Once you decide to start your own WAHM business, you’ll need to decide what product you want to promote, do you prefer health related products or technical stuff like HDTV’s or cell phones. In most cases it smart to promote subscription based products so once you get a sale you go on receiving commission every month for as long as this person remains a costumer.

Fortunately today there are virtually millions of WAHM business programs you can choose from, try to choose an area you know something about or would like to find out more. However if you buy a pre made affiliate website then you will have to promote this niche, but since everything is already done for you that should not be a problem.

Whatever path you choose spend a little time reviewing the programs available, and then select the one that you feel will work for you. With all the new opportunities internet is providing us with starting your own WAHM business is now easier then ever before.
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Ideas for Stay-At-Home-Moms to Contribute Financially in Today’s Economy

With the financial challenges that many are facing these days, a double income in a family is necessary to stay afloat. This has caused a great challenge for women who have always wanted to homeschool their child(ren) or be the homemaker that they have always wanted to be. This can often even cause tension between young married couples.

The role that a mom plays in the stability of her household may often be overlooked due to the lack of financial support that she brings into the household because of the choice of being a SAHM (stay at home mom),

I would like to encouraged SAHMs everywhere and say that staying home and not working (a traditional job) does not have to equate to “no income” being made. It just takes some creativity!

A few ideas for SAHMs to contribute financially is by:

tutoring other kids during the day substitute teaching (offers flexibility of scheduling) homeschooling other kids with yours organizing bus trips once a month or every other month selling on eBay internet marketing affiliate selling other people’s products running your own online bookstore outsourcing

and many, many more ideas!

Depending on the SAHM’s skill set, creativity and situation there are many things for SAHMs to do to create an additional income while being at home. Some things to do are either free or very inexpensive. With today’s technology and the internet in the house…..the opportunities are vast in what can be done to earn a second income.

Note: Be very careful with all of the “Work at Home” schemes that are out there. Do your research. Get references. Use your own creativity to come up with ways to leverage the time you have and your influence.
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Extra Income Working at Home

In the past, working at home was a luxury for the people that could afford to put in the money to get started. For some it was a dream come true and for others it was just a dream. Besides money, there is also something else a person must have in order to have their own home business. Discipline and determination. If a person does not stick to a business plan the business will not success. All the distractions will get in the way and the work will not get done. Sometimes a choice will have to be made and priorities will have to be set in order to succeed.

When having a home business, the customers you draw in are dependent on you serving them with quality and respect. Your customers need to know you will get the job done no matter what. If you continually put your customers needs on the back burner, that is a sure way to lose them. They will think of you as unprofessional and uncaring. They will think you must not care to succeed if they don’t get their needs met.

When you first start working at home, it may feel very liberating and wonderful because there is no one to answer to but yourself. With that comes a responsibility to keep yourself on track and moving forward. With others around it may be difficult at first. That is why you must keep yourself on a schedule so you will meet your deadlines and get new customers or clients.

If you are one of those people that find it hard to stick to a schedule because working at home is so unscheduled, you may want to treat it kind of like a job outside of the home. Get up, get ready for work by showering and wearing work clothes, get your breakfast and coffee and walk to the office. Even though it’s down the hall, being dressed for the job may put your mind set in the working mode. You know you have a job to do so you do it.

Have regular working hours just like at a job outside the home. Once you get used to it, you can give yourself some leeway and do some work at night if you want to do something else in the morning or afternoon. Your clients will not care if it’s 7 in the morning or 7 in the evening, as long as the project is done on the date specified. When this is accomplished is entirely up to you.

Another very important factor in running a work at home business is to be organized. The lack of organization can be the death of your business. If there are important details involved with a certain client or project, you do not want to forget it. The worst thing you can do is forget a client, they will definitely not be back. This tells them they are not important and you can do without their business.

Once you establish your schedule and discipline, you will find it easier to finish your work on time and you will be able to take on more work. Find your comfort zone and continue to build your business and make it successful.
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