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Need some help with a family problem?

It all started at a PTA meeting, back in late November. The principal told us about some test results, my son got a rather good score, so i kissed my wife. The principal went ballistic and after everybody left, she started to preach us were bad parents, we can’t educate our son( apparently because we taught him is nothing wrong with kissing his girlfriend), and had the nerve to say were not fit to raise him because both me and my wife were orphans and didn’t had a role model ourselves.
all winter vacation we had to deal with visits from child protection.
so basically, my problem is, i know they won’t take our son, we have a nice 2 story house, stable jobs, but my wife is worried sick, she cries every day and is very depressed . What can i do to stop all this madness? How can i convince them they have nothing to worry about, I mean we never hit Aaron, or abused him, and he told them that, but they keep coming, they came 4 times in a little over a month.
what i might have missed sharing is she said we were inappropriate as parents( WHO IS SHE TO SAY THAT?!?!?!?) because, besides being orphans, we were “to young”, she said we were “old teenagers”. we had aaron at 23 soon after we graduated, i think we were mature enough
as of our son, i think is very normal for him to change, he’s 14, but he’s not becoming some sociopath or anything, the only complains we got were about bullying, but that was 2 years ago. were not control freaks, quite the opposite we give him a lot of freedom, but we did watch him, and he doesn’t smoke, gets high or other stuff.
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Huge Problem With My Report?

About a month ago we were given our reports and my Attainment grades were excellent but my effort grades were poor. I was scared so i binned my report card and made another one.
My parents were really prond of my fake report and i felt very guilty.
And now our PTA is coming up and i have improved in nearly all my subjects except for Maths, Geography and ICT.
If i tell my parents what I did they will still love me but put me in another school where they dont have to bother about te fees being so high. If i get put in that school i know i wont be able to succeed in life and get a good job. So my whole life rests on that PTA. I need an excuse to make sure they don’t see those teachers!!!
And all the teachers are in gym so they are bound to see them if they do go, but if they don’t then they will ask about it. Or my sister who is friends with some of the girls in my class will ask about it. So i need someway where i can make sure they go on someother day and see the cretain teachers, a
I was thinking if i tell them that their meeting is on the next day and only say that certain teachers will be there and i tell the my form teacher that my parents want to see these teachers i think i can get out of it but i need an excuse for them not to come on the original PTA, something that will work for the teachers and my parents.

Please Help!!!!!!!
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housewife? what to to do it and any experiences you could tell me of. Thank you! ?

I’m currently attending college to get a degree in interpreting. I plan to work as soon as I graduate and continue…until I guess when I (get married and) start having children. [I’m not married or engaged right now].

But being/becoming a housewife is something that I would like to do once I start having children. I know the regular duties are Children’s Schooling/Sport Activities, Perhaps PTA or Home Schooling, Housecleaning, Shopping, Cooking, Laundry, Child Care, Pet Care, Helping children bathe, dress, etc. What else?

Right now I’m living at home..and I do some of those…Housecleaning, shopping, some cooking, laundry and sometimes taking care of my nephews.

Looking after children is a job within itself because you can’t take your eyes off the children for second. I wouldn’t be earning money but still working just as hard as if I was then (future). With all the ifs, (if we get married, if having children, ect) my boyfriend is very supportive and thinks it’s a great idea.
I just don’t know what or how to do everything yet and I was wondering if any of you have pointers or could tell me any of your experiences…what to do.
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