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New Pair Of Shoes And A Lesson In Internet Marketing

Last night, after watching the Champion League’s Final between Manchester United and Barcelona, I was pissed! In fact, I was so mad that the inevitable happened…The law of attraction kicked in and I actually broke my shoe. Yep, broke it!

Well, that meant that I needed to go to the shops and get me a new one. Being an “Official Sports Wear” freak, as you could have noticed if you have watched some of my videos, I went to the only shop in my home town I rely on when It comes to sportswear – Mike’s Sportswear.

Today, when I left the shop with a pair of new Nikey’s, I have realized something. There was a lesson in internet marketing to be learned here. Why have I gone straight to Mike’s without even considering going to another shop? I mean, we have plenty of Sportswear shops here, but I have chosen Mike’s for a specific reason.

I have built a solid relationship with Mike’s for the past 3 years. The moment I have started taking care of my body and working out until now my experience with Mike’s has been great. That led to me being a regular client at his store. Well, this is exactly what you should be doing with your business.

Build a rock solid relationship with your list. This will lead to the same results as for me and Mike’s. They will be eager to listen to what you have to offer. Not only will they purchase from you, but they will keep coming back again and again simply because they like you and like buying from you.

This is actually one of the concepts I learned in the Launchtree Course: make your customer’s experience a pleasant one and he will keep coming back! That is also why Mike Dillard says that the quantity of the leads you generate is not that important (although I believe it actually is…) but the Quality of your relationship with your leads is. That is why all the Top Guns of internet marketing are talking about Value and Reciprocity. This is what makes your business an empire in the long run.

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