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Six Helpful Suggestions About Potty Training Your Toddler

on November 8, 2012

Training toddlers to use the potty can be one of the most challenging tasks for parents of toddlers. There are many books, resources, and products designed for potty training but it can still be challenging for many children and their parents. While potty training is a rite of passage for young children it should not be a harrowing experience.

Because potty training is challenging for most children at least at first, parents look for help when training their toddler. Here are six tips to make potty training easier.

Your child will be ready for potty training on their own time. While most parents would be happy getting potty training done as soon as possible, many children aren’t ready as soon as parents would like. It is very common for children, especially boys, to not be ready for potty training until age three or even three and a half.

If your child does not take to potty training right away there is nothing wrong with stopping and resuming it when they are ready. It your child is struggling it may be best to try again in a few months when your child is older and may be more receptive.

While accidents should not be rewarded, punishing or belittling a child is counter productive to potty training. Accidents should be handled matter-of-factly without criticism or making a child feel ashamed.

Using pull ups or other training pants that absorb like diapers may keep your child from learning quickly as they cannot feel the wetness. Cloth training pants or regular underwear that allow your child to feel wetness may help them learn better if they are having trouble learning with pull ups.

Many parents would not consider allowing their child to run around the house naked, but doing so can be a good potty training method. Many children find it easier to use learn to use the toilet if they are allowed to forgo pants and underwear.

Make our child feel good about using the toilet, but do not push them or stress out over it. Putting too much pressure on a child to potty train can be counter productive and cause them to have trouble learning.

Parents look forward to the end of diapers, but potty training offers new challenges to the parents of toddlers. Approach potty training only when your child is ready and be sure to use plenty of positive reinforcement and low pressure.
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