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If the majority of feminists believe in pursuing a career instead of being a SAHM?

on November 6, 2012
shouldn’t we see a lot of female executives and professionals who are feminists?

By feminist, I’m referring strictly to those who claim the label and are somewhat active within the movement, because the majority of women in the West believe in being independent or equal human worth, but they don’t claim to be feminists.

I’m just curious if there are any statistics or research done on the kind of jobs/positions that self pro claimed feminists hold. There are studies done on what kind of careers certain cultures mostly pursue etc., so I’m curious about specifics, not looking for the “it can’t be generalized” comments.
Thank you for all the answers, but I”m not looking for a definition of feminism. I’m looking for specific statistics on the kind of positions self pro claimed feminists hold. I believe this to be a very straight forward question.
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