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how well do 2 yr olds deal with changes, and with being apart from their previously sahm’s?

on November 24, 2012
i’m considering going back to school in a city over 100 miles away from where i am now (it’s a great school, and the closest one that offers the degree i want). now (and for the past 4 months) i live with my mom, and if i’m not home with my daughter then my mom is. i’m worried that she won’t adjust well if i move with her, and am away from her to go to classes & work (since i’ll have to get a job to afford a place to live)… it should only take me about 9 months to get the degree i want, and i’ll be starting at the beginning of 2010 (i’ll be doing online classes here at my mom’s until then) so she’ll be 2 months shy of 2 yrs old when we move…

i’ll have to put her in day care, probably, but her father & her aunt live up there & they may be able to watch her sometimes as well (it would make it easier for her relationship with her father)

how resilient are 2 yr olds? right now she’s pretty attached to me & to my mom & i’m worred about it being too much stress on her, but it’s something that i think would be really good for our future…

any thoughts?
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