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Digital Scrapbooking-make your Memories Last a Lifetime! Where to Begin?

on November 6, 2012

Digital Scrapbooking-Make your Memories Last a Lifetime!! Where to Begin?

Moms and women from all over the world are enjoying making there memories last for a lifetime(and more!) with the new affordable hobby of digital scrapbooking. Whats Digital Scrapbooking? Its an affordable way to design and personalize your scrapbook layouts and photos without leaving your computer!!! You can print them or save them to a cd to share with family and friends!!

How do you get started?

First you need to decide if you would like to make the Digital Scrapbook layouts from scratch or find some great Premade Digital Scrapbook Layouts.

Making your Layout from Scratch

If you would like to create your first layout from scratch you will need a graphics or photo program (We recommend Paint Shop Pro you can download a free trial at Create an blank image in either 12by12 or 8by12 inches. Draw embelishments or add graphics to decorate your page and add backgrounds. Then just add your favorite photos!!!

Want a Premade Layout?

There are many great websites that offer Kits and Premade Scrapbook Layouts. The Graphics Shoppe is a Online Graphics,Scrapbooking and Crafts club with adorable themed premade scrapbook layouts ready for printing or using digitally. Just add photos and your done!

Digital Scrapbooking is a way to make sure your cherished memories never fade away or get ruined. They last forever and can be shared for generations to come and with so many resources you will always be able to find the perfect layout for your family photos!!!


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