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The Millionaire Mindset and the WAHM and WAHGM

on October 30, 2012

We are what we think we are. Our environment mirrors exactly what we think and feel deep in our hearts. In like manner, the success of our business is a result of what we think and feel. Our mindsets and attitudes about amassing a fortune or building a team or building a business come from our childhood, our background, our feelings and emotions from past beliefs about ourselves. These inner thoughts and views are mirrored in our environment and control our direction in life and in business.

So, what is your mindset like as a WAHM? What kinds of attitudes do you hold about yourself as a WAHGM? Do you see yourself having success and prosperity? Or, do you see yourself as never getting what you want with no hope of that ever happening?

For example, if you grew up in a family where the subject of money was never talked about except in negative terms, then, that is probably what you now believe to be true. That belief influences everything you do and create.

What did you hear about money from your parents or other role models? Did they say negative things about rich people? How did they view success? There are so many phrases. Here are a few ideas you may have formed from what you heard:

Money is the root of all evil. Money and material things are not important. Poor people are nicer. Rich people are selfish. Wealthy people act crazy. There is no such thing as a free lunch. I can not afford it. It is too expensive. Money does not grow on trees. Successful people are not happy.

As a result of that kind of negative reinforcement, did you grow up feeling guilty that you should want money? Did you believe it was better and nobler not to have money? Do you still believe you do not deserve wealth and prosperity? Unconsciously, many women do, especially if they work from home and do not see the success they envisioned.

Many women grow up just settling. Many just settle for a dead-end job or a dead-end relationship or marriage that is not in their best interest because they do not believe they are worthy of anything better. They do not really believe they should be an entrepreneur. They have brought into adulthood as the truth the negative ideas they believed as a child. That is why they do not have a successful business.

There is good news here for every WAHM and WAHGM! If you do not like what you see in that mirror of your environment, you can change it, no matter what your circumstances are. As an adult, you can now make a choice to change the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs from your past. You can choose to have empowering and positive beliefs about yourself and your ability to do great things like build a business, travel, give to your favorite people or your favorite cause. You can create a millionaire mindset. Millionaires do it all the time.

It may take some time and effort. However, you are worth it. Take a good look at whether the beliefs you have about money and prosperity and wealth are serving you now. Are they based in fear? Are they helping you build your business?

It is time to open yourself up to the limitless possibilities within you, no matter how old or young you are or what your circumstances or background might be. You are the one who has the key to your own success and prosperity! Give yourself permission to unlock your potential.
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