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Potty Training Your Toddler – Make it a Success

on October 28, 2012

Successfully potty training your toddler is a significant point in your child’s developmental process. Some children are ready for potty training as early as their second birthday while others are not quite ready until closer to their fourth. Part of the parents’ responsibility is to watch for signs of readiness in their children so as not to begin too early. Some of the signs include your child mimicking others’ behaviors such as going into the bathroom, curiosity concerning the functions of the toilet, being able to pull their pants up and down, and expressing to you when they need to go to the bathroom. Once a child begins to demonstrate these independent characteristics, they could be ready to begin the often tedious, but ultimately rewarding process of potty training.

After you have ascertained that your child is ready to get rid of their diapers, you must invest in the right equipment to make their potty training a success. One of the necessary elements is acquiring a child-sized toilet or other specialized equipment that you can attach to the regular toilet. In the event that you opt for the second type of equipment, it’s generally a good idea to also invest in a small step to assist your child in climbing onto the toilet. Another useful tool is specialized training pants that work in much the same way as diapers, but feel and look more like real underwear, also allowing your child to pull them up and down without having to unfasten the sides, like a diaper. Nighttime training pants can also be purchased which will assist you when it’s time for your child to begin potty training overnight.

Once you transition your child from the diaper to the training pants, start a routine with them concerning their potty training. Make sure to show your child how the toilet works and sit them on it regularly so that they know what it sounds like and how it feels while being secure with your presence. The important part is to explain the process to your child while showing them physically what your words mean. Teach them to flush the toilet, to dress themselves, and wash their hands after going to the bathroom. Encourage their independence while staying close by to ensure your child’s comfort with the process. A large factor in your success with your child’s potty training is teaching them that it’s okay to be independent. It’s important to remind them that the toilet is there and encourage them to use it when they demonstrate a need to go to the bathroom.

Night training is the last hurdle to jump when potty training. Even if your child quickly conquers daytime training, it could take a significant amount of time more for them to get comfortable with nighttime training. Part of the reason for this is that a child’s body cannot be relied upon to wake them up in the middle of the night when they need to go. A good thing to reinforce the need to use the toilet is to place their training chair near the bed. Another thing is to make use of the nighttime training pants readily available on the market. They feel wet, unlike a diaper, when your child uses them during the night, encouraging them to get up to go to the bathroom. Just make sure that your child knows that he/she can call you for help at any time when they wake up. It’s very important that they know that you as parents are still available for support at any time.

Potty training is a sometimes difficult but ultimately rewarding process. As long as you help your child along with not only explanations, but also physical demonstrations, encouraging them along the way, success will ultimately be a reality as your child discovers the independence of using the toilet.
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