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Give a Free Workshop

on September 12, 2012

Free workshops are great for educating consumers about your products or services. Workshops are hands-on. They evoke participation from the audience and they allow the audience the opportunity to get a real feel for your product or service.

Depending on where you live, you may have to pay rental space to host your free workshop, but if you get a little creative you could lower costs by hosting a workshop that features several smaller workshops by companies that compliment your business, not compete for it.

When looking for free places to host your workshop consider your public library, your local church, your local parks and recreation center, your local adult education or senior center, and even your local clubs like American Legions. The important thing is to get everything in writing, including the fact that you are allowed to sell your merchandise at the end of the workshop and that the facility will not receive a percentage of the sales and if the facility is to receive a percentage, the percentage is mentioned in the contract.

So what kind of workshop could you host? Take a look at these ideas:

• Make-up artists can give workshops on how to properly wear make-up. And if they also have a line of cosmetics to sell, they can explain why certain products work better on certain skin types.

• Kitchenware consultants can give workshops on how to prepare delicious meals using products from their company. They can also tailor their workshops for parents of small children, working parents, singles, seniors, and even microwave users.

• Authors can give workshops based on the theme of their books. An author of marriage books could hold workshops to help couples learn to communicate better with one another. An author of writing books could hold workshops that teach an aspect of writing. An author of business books could hold workshops that teach moms how to start home businesses, that teach men how to balance their businesses around their full-time jobs, etc.

• An inventor can give workshops based on his/her invention. He could demonstrate how the invention works, what makes it a good product, etc. An inventor could also hold workshops for wanna-be inventors and explain the pros and cons of inventing, what makes a good invention, and how to protect one’s invention from theft and scams.

• Personal Chefs can give cooking workshops. Teaching others about your valuable skills by allowing them to test your recipes and taste your cooking is a great way to gain clients-even if it’s only for the annual Halloween party.

The important thing to remember when hosting free workshops is that you want to gain something from them-a sale, word-of-mouth advertising, repeat customers, etc.
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