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Breastfeeding in Public – How to Feel Comfortable With Public Breastfeeding

on September 15, 2012

Some women can feel shy about breastfeeding in public, however if you are only comfortable to breastfeed at home then you will need to be prepared to stay home a lot. There are two things that will help you to feel a lot more comfortable breastfeeding in public and that is:

Wearing the right clothes and having the right attitude!

Firstly the right clothes

If you are wearing a nursing bra or a nursing t-shirt you are able to stay fully clothed and just undo your bra or t-shirt without showing any skin at all. It is very possible to breastfed discretely if you are wearing the right clothing. The baby covers up the rest. Some women feel more comfortable draping a shawl or blanket over their shoulder as well, however my baby didn’t like this one bit and I found this made it even more obvious that we were breastfeeding.

Secondly the right attitude

Breastfeeding your baby is a very natural thing to do. When your baby is hungry they need to be fed and it is important that you know it is your baby’s right to be fed when they need to be and I can’t think of anywhere that would be inappropriate.

You may fear that someone will ask you not to breastfed however I breastfed my baby everywhere for 19 months from the public library, the mall, restaurants to the customs hall at the airport and in 5 different countries including the Middle East and I was never asked once to not feed my baby. I was however discrete and I did believe it was my son’s right to be fed when he needed to be no matter where we were. It is important however to know what you would say and do if this were to occur.
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