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When to Start Potty Training – Some Tips

on August 31, 2012

Starting potty training is welcomed by some parents and feared by others. This is a time when you must keep your patience, stay positive and think happy thoughts to stop you from getting frustrated.

The most difficult thing in the entire process is knowing exactly when to start potty training. Start your child to early and the process may take longer than it would if you started them at the correct time. So when is the right time? Most children are ready to potty train at around two years of age. But as you know yourself, every child is different. But there are a few signs to watch out for to make the decision to start potty training a lot clearer.

If your child becomes fidgety and uncomfortable in wet underwear and they are capable of letting you know before they want to do a ‘tinkle’ or ‘poopy’, this is an obvious sign. Also, if your child can keep the diapers dry in excess of 2 hours and/or can pull the diapers up and down with no problems, this is an indicator. Another big tell sign is if your child wakes up from nap time with a dry diaper.

But this still does not suggest it will be an easy task to undertake. Some toddlers will happily play in wet diapers. You can ask them if they need the toilet and they will tell you they don’t, even though they do. If this happens, having a playful looking potty chair can help. A potty chair that looks fun to use can promote them to get into the habit of going when needed.

Some toddlers will be easier as they won’t like to be in a wet diaper and they will be very vocal in letting you know that! It only takes a short while for them to get the hang of potty training as they will do anything to avoid being in a wet diaper.

You can also try to introduce some kind of reward system. Every time your toddler performs their duty into the potty, they get a sticker or a candy. Even at this age, the human mind can be enticed by the ‘what’s in it for me?’ attitude.

But above all else, a healthy dose of patience is needed. Just remember that your toddler will learn the ropes. Some learn quicker than others but they all learn in their own time. There will be plenty of mistakes so try not to get angry when they happen as this may only serve to put added stress and pressure on both you and your toddler, which will more likely slow down the learning process.
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