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Potty Training Twins

on August 27, 2012

Potty Training and toddlers require a certain amount of patience.

Potty training twins requires the patience of a saint!

For the first couple of weeks we seemed to be struggling and it was fairly frustrating when you would have a full day with both of them dry and then the following day we seemed to take a step backwards and went through every pair of pants we had.

Remember twins come in two’s so you go through twice as many clothes and have twice the amount of “accidents” as you would normally have with potty training one toddler in a day so it seems like you constantly have a child on the potty or are clearing up an accident and changing clothes again.

I am a firm believer in educating children using positive appraisal rather than negative disapproval.

That means emphasizing, praising and really showing your children how pleased you are in a positive manner when they get things right, rather than scolding and emphasizing how annoyed you are in negative manner when they get things wrong.

Although it might not always seem like it, children naturally enjoy pleasing their parents and are far more likely to respond more rapidly to praise than disapproval.

I also believe that when it comes to getting children out of nappies that it’s not something that can be forced and it should just take its natural course.

Your toddler will naturally start to feel uncomfortable wearing nappies especially when they are wet or soiled and will also feel out of place having their nappy changed in the nursery in front of all their friends. They will also notice when their playmates aren’t using nappies anymore and want to be the same.

We had our major breakthrough on Monday morning when on dropping the girls off at nursery, they immediately removed their own nappies and have refused to wear them in the daytime ever since!

They still wear nappies at night times as at only 28 months old they still haven’t started to wake up to go to the toilet or are able to go all night without a pee yet but apart from the odd accident when they don’t get to the potty in time fingers crossed, they seem to be completely out of nappies in the daytimes now.

My advice to anyone starting to potty train twins. Be patient, persevere and at all costs don’t ever be tempted to revert back to the odd nappy for your own convenience as it will only have a negative effect and put you all back to square one.
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