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Potty Training Help

on July 26, 2012

There are often bumps along the potty training road. Knowing where to find help can make it easier for parents to get the potty training program back on track.

Your Pediatrician

He or she deals with potty training questions all day long and can well be the best person to turn to for help. The pediatrician not only can tell you about potty training in general, she can assess your child and give you her opinion of your child’s readiness to get started.

All the good advice in the world will be of no help if your child is not developmentally ready to be potty trained. She can also give your child a physical and identify any medical issues that may complicate it such as a urinary tract infection.


Look for advice in parenting books, and while you’re at the bookstore, get a kid’s book about potty training for your child. He’ll enjoy having his own book and you can use it to talk to him.

Day Care Providers

If your child goes to daycare, talk to your provider. She’s probably been through the process with several children and can give you good advice about what’s worked well in the past. It’s also important that she be part of your team and uses the same process you use at home to potty train your child.

Older Children

If you have older children at home or if your child is around older children elsewhere, you already know how much little kids want to be like big kids. If your child realizes that big kids use the potty and little kids wear diapers, he will soon make the decision for himself to cooperate.


Often implementing a reward system can get a stalled potty training routine moving again. A simple sticker chart and some stickers may be all your child needs to find the motivation to use the potty.

Getting to choose his sticker and put it on his chart can give your child a sense of involvement in the process.
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