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Choosing Complimentary Fabric Colors for Your Quilting Project

on July 19, 2012

How often have you made a quilt and after it was all done, you wish you would have chosen different fabric colors? All the work you did on the project seemed to have been in vain. You are not happy with the outcome at all!

You may have purchased a variety of color wheels in the hope that by some magical formula it would display the right color choices for you. But try as you may, the colors just didn’t seem right. In fact, you just couldn’t trust this little gadget no matter which way you turned it.

It is possible that you have thought about throwing the whole project into the trash bin. Then your unselfish side comes out and you attempt to give it to goodwill, but who would want something that look so poorly assembled? What’s worse, your friends may see you taking it there and know that you made it!

Hopefully you haven’t taken such drastic measures, but the truth is, you really wish you had a knack for choosing the right fabric color combinations. Help is on the way! Have you ever thought how interior decorators match colors together?

I know you have been to the painting section of your local hardware store. In this section are hundreds of colors. They are all put together in (you guessed it) the right combination of colors. There are paint chips with different hues of all one color. Then there are paint chips with four different colors on one card. These colors are put together by designers who actually know what they are doing with color! You can trust that these colors will go beautifully together!

After you have picked up a few of these paint cards that interest you, consider where the quilted project will go. Think of the color of the walls, maybe one of the colors on this paint chip is the color of the walls in a room in your home.

Now that you have chosen the colored paint chip that appeals to you most, you are ready to shop for fabric. Take the paint chip you have chosen to your favorite quilt shop and choose fabrics that match those on your paint chip. It is really that simple.

Your fabric colors are guaranteed to match perfectly! And to think someone else did all the deciding for you!

Happy Quilting!
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