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How is the BEST way to handle stress when you’re a SAHM?

on January 16, 2012
I am now a stay-at-home mom, but I used to work. I’ve been home for a cpl months now. My kids used to be SOO well-behaved, but now they are IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with. Bottom line, I feel like I am failing as a mother. I can’t control them at all, my 3 yr old doesn’t listen at ALL, and he always used to very well. My 18 mo old is going thru a stage where he’s just basically distructive, whenever I’m in one room cleaning up a mess he made, he’s in the other room making another one. I mean, syrup all over the carpet, couches, etc… green marker all over the walls, bed, door, himSELF… I put up a baby gate, he tears it down. I drill holes in the doorway to ensure the baby gate can’t go down, he still finds a way… I lock doors, he figures out how to open them! And worst of all, they are CONSTANTLY FIGHTING! All I hear all day is crying and screaming! I LOVE staying home with my boys, more than anything in the world. Everything was GREAT forever, but now, Idk, if they’re going thru a phase, or if I’m doing something wrong? What can I do to alleviate stress in the middle of a VERY STRESSFUL day, to recoup and handle my children with sanity?
Their only other caretaker is their dad, my husband. He started a new job and went back to college, so we basically swapped.
I feel like I DO all these things. They get time outs for the min/yr ratio. They know what to do in time out. I ask THEM what they (well the 3 yr old) did, and he tells me. I play with my kids every day. They have a regular schedule. I thought to myself, they need mental stimulation, so I read to them, I teach them about colors and shapes. They do arts/crafts every day. We play games like hide and seek. I take them outside when it’s warm enough, bc I thought, they’re not getting enough exercise….. this is the norm for me, for us. They just started acting out, and I can’t figure out what’s different. Maybe I do MORE with my kids than my husband did when he was home with them? You’d think they’d respond more positively.
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