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What time do you get up with your toddlers? “SAHM’s”?

on December 15, 2009

Wondering what time you Stay at home moms get up with your toddlers?
My son is 2 and Since my husband works LATE we stay up late and wait on him so my son can get some time with him before bed, so Sometimes were not in bed til 3-4am – Which means not even getting up til around Noon & the other day we got up at 2pm!!!! This is absolutely Ridiculous for us both and I feel I’m wasting our day away, I talked with my husband about it and said he understood if we had to start going to bed earlier and we do get time with him before he leaves for work but usually not much.
So What time do you go to bed & Get up with your toddlers?
This is geared more towards Stay at home moms since those who work HAVE to be up.

Thanks. 🙂
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