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Does color of skin really matter?

I read something that whites are elevating the polls over Oboma. Please i am concerned about this. You want the same crap we have had for eight years, you want your kids going to war with these two yelling war with russia and iran, a PTA moose burger, PTA mother who can not control her own family? Oboma can be pin striped with polka dots for all i care, he has the answers to fix what is wrong and the judgement that comes with being a president. I listened to Hillary, she was right. I vote for him and i hope red neck dumb asses are not sitting around saying he is a black man, Oh my God!! He is half white for all your color blind people or for those who think whites are superior. I am a 55 year old white woman, and i pray those republicans have no control of nuclear weapons.
Being a nurse i treat everyone the ame, no matter what color they are… so should america, or we have no evolved.
Like i said, i do not care if you have stripes, good judgement and adressing the issues and listening is important to america. Color should not even come into play nor religion.
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What to Eat When Breastfeeding

When breastfeeding it is extremely important that you get the right intake of food and drink, but more importantly is what you are actually eating and drinking because you want to offer your child the best breast milk and you can do if you monitor what you take in and make sure that it is balanced. After all, if you eat the wrong foods and drink the wrong liquids you may end up providing the wrong milk to your child which could even be bad.

When starting off breastfeeding it is important that you have thought ahead and worked yourself into a healthy diet because the diet for which you are making the right breast milk for can be quite strict at times, but at the end of the day it has to be to enable your child the best diet as it is developing, especially in the early stages.

Experimentation sometimes is not a good idea since you want to be making sure that your child is getting the best breast milk. It is important when you are breastfeeding that you drink a lot of liquid, it is preferable that you drink a lot of water since it will help liquidize and hydrate the milk much better, this will make the milk much easier and much better for the child to consume and it will also contain minerals which are good for a new born baby. However, even though you must drink a lot, you have to drink a lot of the right things, drinking milk can be a good thing, whilst drinking alcohol can be a very bad thing. It is up to you what you drink, but make sure you think carefully and logically about what you are about to intake before you actually do so.

When it comes to eating, you really do have to watch out what you eat. Eating a lot of meat is advised since it contains a lot of protein, however do try your best to avoid spicy flavourings or sweet and sour since they are not good in terms of the creation of breast milk. Eating vegetables is important but you do have to watch and be aware of what you eat because sometimes it can be unsuitable. Fruits are great in terms of vitamins and if you can pass on vitamins you can give your child a stronger immune system. These are some of the foods suggested, it is okay to eat fatty foods but do not eat too much, moderate yourself and don’t over indulge. You need to get an equal balance and by eating what is needed you will be able to ensure that your baby is getting the best diet. If you research on the internet you will find some in depth nutritional guidelines which are very helpful.

My hope is that this has offered you a general outline as to what to eat, just remember to take things in moderation and don’t over indulge with the wrong types of food and drink.
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The Pros and Cons of Getting Pregnant at 40

Getting pregnant at 40 years old definitely has its good points as well as bad points. Many couples have been trying for years to get pregnant only to finally get a positive result at the age of 40. Others have chosen not to get pregnant until this age to ensure that they were financially grounded before starting a family as well as having established careers before embarking on the journey of parenthood. There are definite pros and cons to waiting until you have reached an older age to get pregnant. If you are approaching the age of 40 and are debating whether or not you want to become parents, it is important to weigh all of your options before bringing a child into this world.

Many couples wait to have children based on selfish (but completely understandable reasons). Some couples want to travel and see the world without having to be weighed down with the responsibility of parenthood. While it is possible to bring your children along on your travels, the carefree days of leaving for days on end with only a bikini and a toothbrush are long gone. There are also financial benefits to waiting to become parents until you are older. Having more years to save that nest egg up allows for a longer maternity leave, or will allow you stay home with your child without the financial worry. Studies also show that people who wait to become parents until their forties are more attentive to their children than those who become parents in their 20’s or 30’s.

Some of the cons to waiting until you are 40 to become a parent are also very apparent. It is certainly much harder for a woman to get pregnant the older she gets so you may be faced with the likelihood of having to go through fertility treatments in order to get pregnant. There are also higher risks to getting pregnant at 40. The chances of fetal abnormalities such as Downs Syndrome greatly increase after the age of 35 years old. You also have a greater risk of miscarriage. Even with a healthy pregnancy, you are then faced with the knowledge that you will be much older than of the other parents on the PTA and may not have the energy that you once had in your 20’s to run around after a busy toddler.
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New Pair Of Shoes And A Lesson In Internet Marketing

Last night, after watching the Champion League’s Final between Manchester United and Barcelona, I was pissed! In fact, I was so mad that the inevitable happened…The law of attraction kicked in and I actually broke my shoe. Yep, broke it!

Well, that meant that I needed to go to the shops and get me a new one. Being an “Official Sports Wear” freak, as you could have noticed if you have watched some of my videos, I went to the only shop in my home town I rely on when It comes to sportswear – Mike’s Sportswear.

Today, when I left the shop with a pair of new Nikey’s, I have realized something. There was a lesson in internet marketing to be learned here. Why have I gone straight to Mike’s without even considering going to another shop? I mean, we have plenty of Sportswear shops here, but I have chosen Mike’s for a specific reason.

I have built a solid relationship with Mike’s for the past 3 years. The moment I have started taking care of my body and working out until now my experience with Mike’s has been great. That led to me being a regular client at his store. Well, this is exactly what you should be doing with your business.

Build a rock solid relationship with your list. This will lead to the same results as for me and Mike’s. They will be eager to listen to what you have to offer. Not only will they purchase from you, but they will keep coming back again and again simply because they like you and like buying from you.

This is actually one of the concepts I learned in the Launchtree Course: make your customer’s experience a pleasant one and he will keep coming back! That is also why Mike Dillard says that the quantity of the leads you generate is not that important (although I believe it actually is…) but the Quality of your relationship with your leads is. That is why all the Top Guns of internet marketing are talking about Value and Reciprocity. This is what makes your business an empire in the long run.

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Do’s and Dont’s of Breastfeeding

Health program for the mother

The program must be comprehensive enough as to ensure that the mother will stay healthy all throughout the period of her pregnancy until she gets to nurse the baby. After all, it takes a healthy mother to feed a healthy baby. An effective health program for the mother consists among other things of a proper diet, enough exercise, and staying away from pollutants or an unhealthy environment. This may not be a concern for mothers who have no health problems in the first place. But if the mother has a record of health problems in the past, or if she has been used to a free-wheeling lifestyle where, for example, intake of fatty and high-cholesterol foods, alcohol or nicotine has been excessive or uncontrolled, it is necessary for her to take steps to ensure that she puts herself back in the pink of health.

Breastfeeding instructions

Specific tasks need to be undertaken during the initial six months of nursing itself. The flow of breast milk does not normally stabilize until two or three days after delivery, especially for mothers giving birth for the first time. During this hiatus, a mixture of milk (about two thirds), water (about one third), thin gruel, and sugar can be fed to the infant.

Full ration of breast milk should be fed to the baby as soon as its supply stabilizes. Mothers have to be sensitive to how often their babies need to suckle. The first ten days of the baby’s total dependence on mother’s milk requires paying close attention to how the baby reacts to each feeding. Both under and over feeding can have awful consequences to the baby. The stomach of an infant is thin and delicate, yet unaccustomed to the process of digestion, and is likely to stimulate feedback to be baby’s brain in the number of ways. How the baby communicates and makes himself or herself understood by the mother is therefore crucial for both of them to get the breast-feeding program on track.

After a week up to ten days, a feeding interval of three to four hours is generally advisable. This must be done day and night. A practical timetable for both mother and child with regards to night feeding is setting it at ten o’clock in the evening and five o’clock the morning after. It is not good to leave the baby sucking the nipple until both mother and baby find themselves asleep. This can only further deprive them of more time for sleep; after all sleep is something which they are often short of. A structured break allows sufficient time for proper digestion to take place and thereby stabilize the baby’s bowel movements. It makes babies less irritable and cranky, and because of which they are wont to show by crying.

The breast-feeding program should be consistently applied until the baby reaches six months after birth. It is even advisable to carry on with this program beyond this period, or until the time the baby weans, for as long as the mother stays healthy and is able to maintain producing breast milk at the same level of quantity and quality.

Breast compression

Breast compression is helpful when breast-feeding runs into problems. If you are the nursing mother, here is how you can apply it.

1. The baby held with one arm, cup your breast with the other arm. Put your thumb on top of the breast while your other fingers are slightly pressing the breast from under it, two or three inches away from your nipple.

2. Being alert all the time is not necessary, but you still need to keep a close watch on the suckling. Guide the baby so that he or she can quickly get the hang of an open-pause type of feeding; this will allow him or her to drink more volume of milk. When the baby begins to nibble or when he or she stops drinking, compress your breast firmly but not too hard. Breast compression causes the milk to flow and the baby is likely start to sucking again.

Keep pressing your breast until your baby stops responding to the compression. If your baby does not latch away from your breast even after you have released the pressure, pause for a few seconds and then start compressing again. Releasing the pressure allows you to rest your hand; it also induces your milk to flow into the baby’s mouth again. If your baby ceases to suck upon releasing the pressure on your breast, it is again likely that he or she will resume sucking the moment he or she senses milk. If the baby is unable to drink enough milk, try to recompress your breast.

3. Go on feeding with compression until your baby stops to drink. Pause until your baby begins to drink again, without your egging him or her on. If you can sense that your baby has stopped drinking, let him or her unlatch, or just take him or her off from your breast.

4. See if your baby still wants to feed. If he or she does, offer the milk from the other breast. Follow the same procedure you earlier did with the other side. You can repeat switching one breast to the other a number of times unless your nipples get sore. Help your baby improve his or her latch.

Pitfalls of breastfeeding

One of the more common mistakes made by nursing mothers, particularly those who are inexperienced, is feeding their babies every time they cry or show signs of discomfort, thinking they are hungry. This may lead to over feeding. This is not necessary nor recommended. When over feeding happens, the digestion process can get disrupted causing, among other things, loose bowel movements, more restlessness on the part of the baby and even fever.

Also, there had been cases when mothers just cannot do away with unhealthy habit or tradition. Inadequate information on the part of lactating moms is often to blame, sometimes leading to more health problems. One misconception is eating as much food as the mother can in the belief that this will fully support the milk production capacity of her mammary glands. While input often equals output, it does not necessarily mean that gaining weight equals gaining health. For that is what excessive eating is all about: gaining weight. The breasts may supply enough milk, but the overall health condition of the mother may be compromised.

Another pitfall which often victimizes young mothers who are nursing for the first time is drinking dark sweet beer called porter. The practice draws from tradition where many a mother has been taught that porter increases the supply of milk and helps sustain her perfect physical health. Without doctor’s approval on a case to case basis, this practice poses threats to the mother. There had been cases when porter intake, particularly in large amounts and on a regular basis, has instead caused the loss of milk supply in the mother and induced loose bowel movements in the baby. Mothers may also experience headache, thirst, hot skin, drowsiness, and fever.
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Cook Once Eat Twice

In our time-crunched world, it seems like we are always rushing to get dinner on the table before the family runs off to soccer practice, swimming lessons, PTA meetings and evening classes. A great way to get dinner on the table quickly is to “cook once and eat twice”. Cooking once and eating twice is an economical and easy way to feed your family good food fast. This doesn’t mean eating leftovers everyday. Instead you will be preparing fresh food that only takes a fraction of the time, using main dishes that are put together with a few basic ingredients that are used in many different meals. Cooking once and eating twice is less work than starting from scratch every time, because the most difficult and time consuming part of putting your meal together is already done.

Cooking once and eating twice requires a little bit of planning. For example, when you are putting together a shopping list, think about several ways you could use chicken breasts. The first day, cook all of the chicken at once, seasoning it several different ways for variety. Maybe the first day you have Teriyaki Chicken with rice pilaf and green beans. Later in the week you could have Chicken Alfredo with broccoli and chicken salad sandwiches for lunch. 


Lasagna, enchilada casserole, meatloaf and macaroni and cheese all do well in the freezer. Simply make an extra casserole dish, wrap it tightly with foil and freeze for up to a month. To heat, pull the casserole out of the freezer in the morning and let it thaw in the refrigerator during the day. When you get home, heat the oven and put your casserole in to bake. By the time you make a salad, set the table and slice up some French bread, your hot, hearty dinner will be ready to serve.


Try boneless pork chops or roast beef, cooking twice as much as you need. Pork chops smothered with barbeque sauce makes a great sandwich to serve with coleslaw and baked beans. Roast beef can be sliced and stir-fried with a package of frozen vegetables or made into fajitas.  


Beans are easy and inexpensive. In the morning before you go to work, put a pound of dried beans on to cook in the crock pot. Just rinse them and cover them with water by about 3 inches. By the time you get home, you will have beans to use in burritos, serve with rice and salsa, mash for refried beans or use in chili. Beans also freeze well for later use.            

Cooking once and eating twice is an easy way to bring your family together for nutritious, delicious dinners that save you time and money. Find more fast and healthy ideas to save time and get dinner on the table fast.


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Need some help with a family problem?

It all started at a PTA meeting, back in late November. The principal told us about some test results, my son got a rather good score, so i kissed my wife. The principal went ballistic and after everybody left, she started to preach us were bad parents, we can’t educate our son( apparently because we taught him is nothing wrong with kissing his girlfriend), and had the nerve to say were not fit to raise him because both me and my wife were orphans and didn’t had a role model ourselves.
all winter vacation we had to deal with visits from child protection.
so basically, my problem is, i know they won’t take our son, we have a nice 2 story house, stable jobs, but my wife is worried sick, she cries every day and is very depressed . What can i do to stop all this madness? How can i convince them they have nothing to worry about, I mean we never hit Aaron, or abused him, and he told them that, but they keep coming, they came 4 times in a little over a month.
what i might have missed sharing is she said we were inappropriate as parents( WHO IS SHE TO SAY THAT?!?!?!?) because, besides being orphans, we were “to young”, she said we were “old teenagers”. we had aaron at 23 soon after we graduated, i think we were mature enough
as of our son, i think is very normal for him to change, he’s 14, but he’s not becoming some sociopath or anything, the only complains we got were about bullying, but that was 2 years ago. were not control freaks, quite the opposite we give him a lot of freedom, but we did watch him, and he doesn’t smoke, gets high or other stuff.
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What is a GPT Site?

A GPT Site which stands for (Get Paid To) allows you to work from home. You will be able to join different GPT sites and earn quite a bit of extra money every month. You will not be come rich, but for a few hours you might be able to make a car payment or even go grocery shopping. The legitimate GPT Sites never charge you anything. It is important that you never pay anything to them (they pay you!) and definitely watch out for scams.

When you join a GPT Site you can do surveys, which can take anywhere from 3 -5 minutes depending on the survey. They also have e-mail and zip submits where all you have to do is enter your e-mail address or your zip code and you can make $.35 to $.80 for doing so. There are trial offers that pay pretty well like Netflix and Blockbuster. If you shop online a lot you have the option of shopping online through one of the GPT Sites if you do you will earn a percentage back from how much you spent shopping.

There are numerous ways to earn extra money through GPT Sites. Referrals are one of them. Most of the GPT sites will give you a percentage of what your referrals earn, and a lot of them have a 3, 4, or 5 levels of referral earnings. So building your down line is very important.

If you are interested in learning more about and signing up for GPT Sites visit GPT Online [].
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how well do 2 yr olds deal with changes, and with being apart from their previously sahm’s?

i’m considering going back to school in a city over 100 miles away from where i am now (it’s a great school, and the closest one that offers the degree i want). now (and for the past 4 months) i live with my mom, and if i’m not home with my daughter then my mom is. i’m worried that she won’t adjust well if i move with her, and am away from her to go to classes & work (since i’ll have to get a job to afford a place to live)… it should only take me about 9 months to get the degree i want, and i’ll be starting at the beginning of 2010 (i’ll be doing online classes here at my mom’s until then) so she’ll be 2 months shy of 2 yrs old when we move…

i’ll have to put her in day care, probably, but her father & her aunt live up there & they may be able to watch her sometimes as well (it would make it easier for her relationship with her father)

how resilient are 2 yr olds? right now she’s pretty attached to me & to my mom & i’m worred about it being too much stress on her, but it’s something that i think would be really good for our future…

any thoughts?
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What are some cheap meals?

i’m a sahm momma of three kids ages 1,4, and 3. my hubby works and we don’t have alot of money. what are some cheap supper meals i can make for 5 people that contain rice lol. we have alot of rise and posta.
it needs to be something i can make at home not something frozen. my kids don’t prefer frozen foods for some reason lol. thanks for the help so far!!!
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